Treatment Time


All therapy work is on a bespoke basis, so every treatment experience is tailored to each individual person.  Julie now offers therapy by booking time rather than specific treatments, this allows for a very personal tailor-made wellness journey.  Clients will experience some or all of the following therapies depending on their requirements:

Facials | AHA Skin Peels | Massage | Gua Sha | Acupressure | Reflexology |  Thermal Stone Therapy | Cranial Massage | Sound & Energy Work | Shiatsu | Aromatherapy | Indian Head Massage |

Times and prices:

30 minutes – £40:00

60 minutes  – £65:00

90 minutes – £95:00

120 minutes – £125:00

If you would like to enquire about booking, please use the contact page, or email for availability.