Clean Vs Natural

With the rise of organic, plant-based skincare brands launching across the beauty and wellness industry, these two terms are now banded around within product descriptions and beauty reviews on a regular basis. My clients often ask me the difference between the two terms, so here’s my take on what each stands for.


  • Free from toxic potentially-harmful ingredients.
  • Safe for the planet, sustainable and cruelty free.
  • Effective and stable from naturally-derived or nontoxic synthetic sources.


  • Can be toxic or harmful (e.g. Poison Ivy)
  • May come from endangered plants (e.g. Sandalwood) or animal by-products
  • Susceptible to climate and environmental changes, which can reduce efficacy.

I like to use a number of different brands within my therapies, cherry-picking from a wide selection of both clean and naturally derived products and ingredients. I’ve been working with brands such as Votary, De Mamiel, and Wild Source Apothecary, and love that fact that these companies embrace the ‘clean’, planet-kind movement, working towards being fully sustainable in the following ways:

  • RENEWABLE RESOURCES – Using renewable sources where possible
  • PLANET-FIRST PROCESSES – Formulating their products using the latest sustainable methods. No deforestation and developed in far proximity from rainforests. Low water usage.
  • CONSCIOUS PACKAGING – Fully recyclable and Forest Stewardship Council-certified boxes (FSC).
  • ETHICAL VALUES – 100% cruelty free, suitable for Vegans

N.B Not a paid post, no affiliations, just my own views!